Friday, February 5, 2010


tensi0n..that's the w0rd that can describe me right n0w..i d0n't kn0w why..i feel s0 tensi0n..there's a l0t of thing that i think right n0w..ab0ut myself..my study..my r0omate..n s0me0ne..but i d0n't want t0 st0ry ab0ut 's0me0ne'..he is n0thing in my life starting fr0m n0w..i want t0 f0rget him..i really2 want t0 d0 that n i h0pe that i can d0..ab0ut myself..i am n0t feeling well right n0w..i n0ticed it yesterday..i feel like i want t0 g0 back t0 my h0me..i need my family right n0w..i kn0w that when i am with my family..i will get better..huhu..ab0ut study..i d0n't kn0w what t0 say..all subject that i learn n0w..f0r me..it was s0 difficult..especially my fav0urite subject..FAR 150..i am trying t0 understand what madam teach me..in my r0om..i am still asking my r0omate and ask her t0 teach me..thanks t0 hana..u help me..i am s0 happy..at least i understand it even n0t all..it is okay..there is still a l0t of time..i kn0w that i can d0 well in my final later..i need t0 c0nfident with myself..my family and my friends..they give me a supp0rt..and i need t0 d0 well and c0nfident..this semester..i will maintain my result..i want t0 get dean list..wh0 know that i will get 4.0 f0r my p0inter..wh0 knows??i have a pr0blem with my r0omate..i d0n't want t0 tell all of u..that is my secret..but 1 thing is..i want t0 tell her that i am s0 s0rry f0r what had happened..i kn0w that was my fault..i admit it..i am n0t g0ing t0 d0 it again..if u d0n't want t0 f0rgive me..it is okay..it is up t0 u..u have the right..but i am here n0t f0r all this..i am here t0 study,study and study..that's it..i h0pe that all my pr0blem will s0lve as s0on as p0ssible..i h0pe that every0ne will pray f0r me..i think that's en0ugh f0r n0w..tata..mmmuuuuaaaaahhhh... :8


-i am n0t g0od in english especially writing..but i am trying t0 write it in english-

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